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Achieving Goals

Student’s academic research abilities are one of the most important criteria for admission to universities and graduate schools. When admissions committees review an applicant's portfolio, they not only look at the student's outstanding academic performance, but also at their research spirit, involvement in a particular discipline, and the time and effort devoted to their interests. This is the concept of "intellectual-curiosity" that Ivy League admissions officers often refer to.

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Academic Research Project aims to customize research projects according to students' application background and academic interests. Through the scientific research project, guided by the professors from selective U.S. universities, students can understand the academic research process, improve their research abilities, complete research papers, and increase their overall competitiveness  for college applications.

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Preliminary Sessions

At the beginning of the scientific research project, the student and professor will exchange background information, and together decide the best scientific research topic. The student will also learn how to start the first steps of the scientific process and begin researching literature, reviewing related materials, learning how to quickly and comprehensively digest professional academic knowledge, developing a research question and focus , and using modern technology and research methods to start writing their research paper.

Accelerating Sessions

Under the guidance of the professor, the student will  create a literature review, collect relevant data, explore research methods, and research related findings in their field. Students will write their research papers and timely adjust or revise the research plan and scientific research process with the guidance of the professor

Finalized Sessions

Under the guidance of the professor and writing assistant, the student will practice more in-depth theoretical knowledge required by the scientific research project, conduct their own research, analyze the data, present their  results, and finally complete the research paper. The paper which will be published in an international journal by the end of the research project.

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Research Team

3-to-1 service plan implemented by the research project team

A professor from an Ivy League or TOP30 US University with years of teaching experience and is an expert in their research field

Professor & Students

An editor with extensive experience in writing thesis in the relevant field, who will edit and finalize the student’s draft and ensure the paper will be submitted to international academic journals

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A project supervisor to ensure that every step of the research process is in order

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Ivy League and Top 30 professors


Paper editors and teaching assistants at top schools


Student participation in research at prestigious universities

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world-renowned international journals


International journal publications


Covering all scientific research areas

 Internship Program

The Internship Department provides our global students with professional internship opportunities and job search counseling services. We integrate rich contacts and resources in the tech industry, financial industry, and the world's top 500 companies to provide students with internship opportunities at famous companies. During the internship, students will improve their professional skills, soft power, and gain industry experience.


Based on the personal background, application major, GPA, experience and skills, etc., to comprehensively evaluate the student’s job-seeking competitiveness, plan, and goals.

Evaluation at Desk


Professional assistance in preparing various job search materials, interview guidance, learning and enhancing soft and hard competitiveness according to the requirements of job roles.

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Interview and Offer

According to the student’s personal interests and career goals, we will match the student with internship positions and arrange interviews until successfully the job offer from the target company.

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1. Internship Experience

2. Student’s resume guidance on internship experiences

3. Recommendation letter written by the internship mentor

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T 646-984-4684

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